Manifest Moment to Moment

Every moment offers an opportunity for transformation.  Experience the joy and power available to you by taking a deeply personal journey in the direction of your innermost desires. Our book outlines eight principles that will guide and inspire you as you claim the life you truly desire.

You are already a manifester — whether you are aware of it or not. You have the capability and the power to create the life you truly desire—by digging deep inside yourself, discovering the magic of your potential, clearing your limitations and connecting to your unique soul mission and deepest desires. These eight principles will guide you to claiming your power as a manifester.



1. You Have a Unique Soul Mission – What is your essence? What lies at the very core of your being? How can your limitations serve you? By examining these questions, you can identify your gifts and what we call the “joy factor” that brings light to your soul. As your fears begin to fade, you start to manifest moment to moment that which you truly desire.
book-pic-2 2. It’s All about Energy – The power of your vibration affects every part of your life and energy flows through you in multiple dimensions. When you develop the ability to work in harmony with all the forces available to you, you are able to materialize on the physical plane anything you wish.
book-pic-3 3. Intuition Is the Magic Wand – How do you know what you know? If you use just your logical mind, then you are limiting your knowledge. Go beyond your linear understanding to expand your intuitive self. The more you trust your intuition, the faster you can assess a situation and experience the natural flow of manifestation.
book-pic-4 4. Your Belief and Your Story Do Not Define You and Can Be Changed – What is your story? How do you tell the narrative of your life, and what beliefs have grown out of your experience? These stories and beliefs are merely your mind’s interpretation. They can also prevent you from being in the moment and taking action. As you change your story, you change your life.

5. Your Desire Forms the Basis of Every Manifestation – Is there an outcome you long for and yet somehow never experience? By examining your desire, you can discover what may be blocking the manifestation of your dreams. If your desire is in alignment with your essence, you need not be concerned with the “how to”—your desire will be manifested.

6. Intention Overcomes Every Obstacle – Intention is an extremely powerful tool. Neither logic nor life’s circumstances will stand in its way. No matter what your material resources or station in life, your intention—when clear and focused and sustained—will ensure the manifestation of your soul’s mission.

7. You Have the Power to Clear, Heal, and Reinvent Constantly – When you carry unnecessary baggage in your life, such as clutter in your space or mental worries, your life force becomes drained. What are you holding on to that is preventing you from manifesting what you want? Clear the clutter from your life so that you can focus on your intent and achieve what you desire.

8. Your Inner Guidance Knows the Path to Creating Life Balance – Where do you find the answer to the continuing challenges life presents? How do you choose among the array of opportunities that will grow as you begin to manifest your destiny moment to moment? Learn to find the answers within yourself.

You alone design your path; you alone reap the benefits of self-discovery and the reframing of your reality. Awakening your intuition, discovering your soul mission, and getting rid of the baggage that is holding you down must all be done from the inside out. This journey will open up for you a world of infinite possibilities. (Manifest Moment to Moment, Conclusion)